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Glamb Jams came about after our daughter retired from 4 H, which left our youngest son still showing Lambs and Goats and pigs. That had me a little worried since he took a lot animals to Fair.  How could he take care of them all and keep them clean enough by himself without his sister?  We used to be able to find lamb tubes with legs, but they were no longer available.  Several friends I talked to really liked them too, which made me wonder if I could make them myself.   With a lot of encouragement from my friends (well because they wanted some too) we bought a new 4 thread Serger, found the right fabric, made patterns and tested, until we had it right.

This year we also started making Jams without legs.  Friends tested them and love them so now we carry both kinds.

I want a product that will last so we use medium to heavy cotton spandex blend as much as possible.  There are a few that are all nylon spandex only because its great fabric.  I sew every one of our jams myself.  I use as many bright colored fabrics as I can find.  All the seams are sealed for strength. I want everyone to be able to keep their animals clean, dry and showring ready.  We have had many sheep and goat breeders pick up our jams to send with buyers that purchase projects at sales. They have had great results keeping their animals healthier by keeping them warm in the cold Jan and Feb weather. 

If it wasn’t for my husband Ron and the kids I couldn’t do this; they are amazing. And to all my friends, you are the best thank you.

We will be traveling to as many shows, sales, field days, and fairs as we can in our area (near Stockton, CA).  This year keep a lookout for the "Jamie Lady".  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you.  Check out our event calendar to find a location convenient for you.

We are so excited to be selling on the web (and nervous and the same time).  It will be amazing to see how our business grows. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions we are always available.

Denese, the Jamie Lady​
Red Wave Classic Sale booth: Jan 7th, 2012